Common Ways Hair Becomes Damaged, and What To Do About It
If you are trying to restore and strengthen your hair, avoid using heated styling appliances. Curlers, straighteners and dryers all cause harm to the hair, making frizz even more of a challenge. It’s a great idea to let your hair rest and recuperate by putting down the styling tools from time to time.

In order to truly achieve damaged hair repair, you need to first know how the damage happened. This article covers all the common ways hair becomes damaged and provides you with essential tips on repairing damage that has taken place.

Do you often get your hair colored, bleached, permed, or chemically straightened? If so, then your hair is more than likely over processed. However, if you got these treatments done at a professional salon and the damage is the result of over processing, then you can go to the stylist who performed your services and receive damaged hair repair treatments at no cost to you.

damage hair repair

Have you attempted to do any chemical treatments yourself at home and have resulted with broken hair that falls apart when you touch it? Then you are probably aware of the fact that you have over processed your hair. If you need to repair your hair from over processing, then you need to get some good protein based deep conditioner.

Apply the conditioning treatment every other day for a minimum of 15 minutes if you are able to use heat. If not a minimum of 30 minutes if you don’t have access to an all around hair dryer, (the kind used in a salon that you sit under.) a sauna, or any other way you can heat your whole head of hair at once.

Do this until you see improvement in the hair, generally it will take 2 to 3 weeks of treatments. Have you tried to change your hair color at home, only to continually get an off shade of blue, green, grey, pink, or orange when you were actually trying to get a natural hue; and then go to a salon to have the color fixed and changed to a natural color?
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This damage you are seeing could be the result of the color you used at home reacting harshly to the color used at the salon. If this may have happened to you, bring the color you used at home to the salon and have your stylist check the compatibility of the chemicals used.

Are you spending a tremendous amount of time swimming, at the beach, in a pool or Jacuzzi, in a lake or any body of water? If so your hair is probably stripped of moisture. This is a pretty simple fix because you can swim with a cap on to keep your hair from getting wet.

If the idea of wearing a swimming cap seems repulsive to you, then just be sure to coat your hair with a good leave in conditioner. Apply the conditioner to dry hair, before getting in the water. This will protect your hair while swimming. Use a good deep conditioner once a week until you regain moisture in your locks, then drop down to once every 2 or 3 weeks to maintain.

Do you constantly style your hair with a curling iron, flat-iron, or blow dryer? If so, then you can use products on your hair that will actually strengthen the hair with the heat instead of damage it. So don’t throw away your styling tools yet, just make sure to invest in some good heat activated styling creams.

Coconut Oil Hair Spray
1-2 tablespoons coconut oil – deep conditions hair
3-5 drops lavender oil – will not only make your hair smell good but also help in treating dandruff, dry and itchy scalp.
1 cup distilled or filtered water or rose water
Few drops of vitamin e oil (optional)

Take a spray bottle and add in 1-2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Add 3 -5 drops of lander oil along with 1 cup of filtered water or rose water.

Shake well each time your use it and mist it all over your hair. You can use the spray on dry or soon after the shower when your hair is slightly damp.

You just need very little to make your hair super shiny and repair any damage.

1 cup of rose petals ( about 2 roses)
Vitamin E oil (optional)
Spray bottle

How To Make Rose Water At Home
1. Rinse rose petals thoroughly with water to clean it, place the cleaned rose petals in a bowl. Fill the bowl with water ( bottled or distilled water) just enough to cover the petals.
2. Cover the lid and simmer on very low flame. Allow it to steam until the petals have lost its color.
3. Store the water in a container and refrigerate. For added benefits add a few drops of vitamin E oil to the rose-water. Vitamin E helps to protect the skin, keeping it soft and youthful.

Lower the temperature of your styling tools down a notch or two and make sure you don’t leave heat on one area of your hair for an extended amount of time. Even if your flat-iron or curling iron say you can use while your hair is wet, make sure you blow dry your hair, on low heat, until your hair is just slightly damp. Avoid using any hot iron on sopping wet hair.

I guess you like to brush your hair in the shower with conditioner in your hair? After showering, you notorious for brushing your wet hair with a brush? If brushing your hair in the shower is enjoyable to you, then use it to your advantage by using a silicone or natural hair bristle brush to brush your scalp.

damage hair repair

It is advised that you only brush your scalp, not the length of your hair. Do this by taking sections of your hair and brushing the scalp with a rocking motion, going in the growth direction of your hair, not against it. Then use a wide toothed comb to brush the length of your hair.

After showering do you vigorously towel dry your hair? Instead, wring your hair out as much as possible while in the shower then wrap your hair in a towel or hair wrap, get dressed, continue with you morning routine and take your hair out after. Towel drying can cause some serious breakage.

Make sure you never brush your hair while it is wet. Instead use a detangling spray and a wide-toothed comb. It is also important to get a new brush and comb every four or five months to make sure the bristles are not tearing your hair from broken teeth on your comb or snags in your brushes.

Maintaining brushes and combs that work at the best potential can do wonders for your hair. By reviewing these common causes of damage to your hair,  you will be able to eliminate the causes and in some cases reverse the effect of causing damage and start to actually see real damaged hair repair take place.